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Takes a bit of grinding to get a single mention, but the links you get can be solid gold. The first step is to find the right journalist to reach out to. Just search for a keyword and the tool will generate a list of journalists that cover that topic. You can also pitch journalists from within the platform.

Fires off email alerts when it finds a new backlink pointing to your site. Linkody lets you know you when you get or lose a backlink. It also provides info on your new backlinks like Mozrank and anchor text. Cool Feature: Linkody emails you when a competitor gets a new backlink. That way you can swoop in and try to get the same one for yourself. It also helps you identify reputation management issues quickly so you can nip them in the bud before they blow up. An excellent tool that focuses on cold outreach. Cool Feature: MailShake provides email templates you can use for outreach.

They have templates for guest post requests, LinkedIn outreach and more. Wondering if a link is helping or hurting your SEO efforts? If it is, you may want to add it to a disavow file. If you want to get mentions and backlinks from sites like The New York Times and Forbes, you need to start rubbing elbows with journalists. Includes their latest tweets, columns and up-to-date contact information.

Ninja Outreach is an impressive new blogger outreach tool. Search for influential peeps and reach out to them…all from within the tool. Includes outreach templates. If you eat, sleep and breathe link building, then Ontolo is a tool I recommend checking out. OutreachPlus is a new email outreach tool that aims to automate, simplify and track your outreach. Designed for link building, but also has features outbound sales and PR. Unlike many outreach platforms that are clunky and confusing, PitchBox is a breeze to use.

Just enter a few keywords and the tool scans the web for people to promote to and automatically grabs their contact info.

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Then reach out to them and track your results. This makes sorting through thousands of links 10x easier. Rmoov is one of the best link removal tools on the market. Even though this tool was built for black hat SEO, you can use ScrapeBox for white hat link building tasks like link prospecting, finding contact information and even keyword research. My favorite infographic embed code generator. I really like how you can specify the dimensions of the embed code box.

Man, I had this idea like months ago and let it slip away! This page has power! For example, you could go into super in-depth into the top 20 link building tools, do video tutorials, case studies of each in action etc. Right behind you guys. I just recently signed up for Ninja outreach and it really is a useful tool. Kind of like outreach on steroids. Majestic and ahrefs are a part of my daily life these days. What a great idea! I really just might do something like that. I have seen so many of these SEO lists most pretty bad , but have been waiting for Brian to do his analysis — his take on the tools is most valuable.

Hey Timur, this was no joke for sure. This is an awesome list — so many great tools mentioned. Have you used it before? I tried to keep the list focused on pure SEO tools. Plus, as you alluded to, there are better tools out there that do the same thing. I tried to make this a go-to resource that people could use when they decide to invest in SEO tools. Fantastic List of awesome tools. You nailed it once again Brian. Never heard of Whitespark before.

Thanks for list. That is one very comprehensive list of tools, you can be forgiven for missing some out but I wanted to add our own WordTail as an additional tool for rank tracking — new kid on the block, only just launched etc etc. Thanks Nigel. Stunning Post! I use Openlinkprofiler often myself. It is important not to rely on one tool too much. Thanks Joseph. I also thought it was a solid tool. Wow; I am speechless!!!! Thanks Brian for such a great list. I have seen many seo tool lists, but this is definitely the best.

Great job! Yup, the goal for this content was to be the best SEO tools resource online. Really good suggestions, Marston. I did my best to keep these tools really SEO-focused. Otherwise the list would be even more crazy than it is already. Once again, pretty awesome list.. I can however view the entire list if remove all filters. Another winner here! Now I have a beautiful Go To resource to plug in the task I need to accomplish and get guidance from the master. Wow never knew there were so many tools in the marketplace!

Although quite new, could you also check out Mondovo. If you email your site with a brief overview to the Backlinko contact form we will take a look. Good suggestion there. This is exciting. I doubt now if I was an SEO professional, being unaware of such an amazing list of tools! Great help Brian! Thanks Prasnath. Brian you know what, you are such an amazing fella for coming up with this comprehensive list of SEO tools. What a great resource.

Thanks a million. You have outdone yourself yet again Brian. This is an awesome list. I also like your comment above about taking other angles on this and digging deeper to create case studies etc.. Great list of tools and I love how you can sort your list of tools easily. I have been using Ninja Outreach lately and I love the way you can get a list of prospects and manage and promote to those prospects. I love how they recently increased speed in terms of adding tons of new features and posting valuable articles on their weblog.

I would love to know your list of monthly subscriptions for your business. Which ones do you genuinely pay money for? Hey Tim, very good points here. But every business has different priorities and should pick the tools that bring the most value for them. Nice post Brian and Backlinko team. This is just fantabulous. I wanted to add, the main purpose of MarketMuse is really our Site Audit tool — we analyze your entire site and suggest topics that are missing from your content.

This tool helps you identify what topics resonate best with your target audience, so you create content that your customers find helpful and informative. Oops — just sent you a mail to say I have the same problem as Ty. The moment I click a filter the list disappears.

Technical SEO tools

What a fantastic list, loads of work well done. I love Majestic and Whitespark for local stuff. Brightlocal also worth a mention for Local too. So buzzstream and contentmarketer here i come! Thanks again Ian. Thanks Ian. Email-finding tools that are focused on SEO outreach are few and far between. But those two rock the house. Oh wow! I was just looking for a long tail keyword suggestion tool today. Arian, LOL! Yup, I thought that might help people. And in some cases, one business might be better off with a different tool. But it gives people a place to start.

Yup, I find myself going back to the same tools over and over again too. Hi Brian. Great list of SEO tools. Much appreciated. No worries, Dave. Keep up the awesome work. Great Post Brian!! No need to look any further for seo tools, will definitely be linking back to this one! Thanks Jason. That was definitely the idea behind this guide. To make it the 1 place people go for SEO tool info.

Thanks so much for featuring Seed Keywords. I like everything about your website except that the reading section is way too narrow. I am aware that it is easier to read if it is a boxed layout but when it comes to a resources page like this one, a small box with a right sidebar may not be the most optimal choice. The reading section of this page is around px. Maybe you can try different layouts for different pages depending on the nature of the page or post.

Easier Reading Vs. Less Scrolling. We actually tested the lack of sidebar and it made blog posts hard to read. But it may not be the same for guides like this. Good suggestion. Brian, Can you give a more detailed explaination of quicksprout? I get to the page where i can change the google extension, but still no results. But when i change it, nothing comes up. I can one know thing that this post will rank in first page on top competitive keywords. Hey Brian, Just a heads-up.

There may be other little things, but those are the ones I found. Burj Khalifa, Brian!! This is an amazing guide for beginners like me. Aw shucks, would have liked to make this list! Perhaps we can make onto you next epic post about SEO tools! What a comprehensive list, thank you for putting this together! Now time to go create accounts on these for myself! Good stuff! WOW, such an awesome resource you have for us here, Brian! Impressive the fact you allowed us to filter per type of tool and more. I bet it took you a lot of work reviewing and putting this together.

Hi Brian, First of all Thanks for sharing such a nice post and I am your big fan and always love to read your blog, Keep it up…. Hi Brian, Love the article! I did notice that the buzzstream. Thank you for putting this awesome list together. Holy crow Brian! Just killer hard word and promoting your hard work. Honored to see Pitchbox on your favorite tools list! Incredible list, Brian. Jaaxy is a pretty good little keyword research tool although I found their customer support to be very lacking. Thanks again for letting me know about the list. I use the free version of Yoast but would happily upgrade if I thought it would help.

In fact, that plugin is go great I should donate. Gives me a great opportunity after I get a notification to reach out to the publisher that linked to me to say thank you. Thanks Christopher. Thanks man. Yup, Linkbird is a solid tool. Did you consider adding CanIRank. The interesting thing about CanIRank is that it analyzes a site and gives suggestions on what to change for better SEO. There is a free account option. Thats ton of amazing very useful resources that every Internet Marketer, online Business owner loves to get hold off.

It needs lot of research, affords and time spend online to gather such an information, and more importantly it requires lot of good heart to Share such an information with others. You rock! Thanks Luke. A book, eh? Maybe someday. I can only imagine the amount of time it took to research each of these tools for this post. Thanks for that effort. Another epic piece of essential content for the Internet Marketer. Hey Brian, What a way to over deliver on an already fantastic teaser email!

This is a very helpful resources post — and an example of great design filter buttons. Hey Danny, thanks man. I actually hired a pro designer to make those buttons. I tried to make it as thorough as possible, Mitch. Hi Brian, have you used SemRush. Is it worth it? I want a tool that let me check many keywords for my articles.

More like a research tool for long tail keywords. Hey Mike, thanks. That was definitely the idea: to have one place where people could go to find the best SEO tools for them. Thanks Bob. That way you can zero-in on the best tools for you. Hi Brian, thanks for all your hard work here. Its basic to the point need to know SEO information about your site or a competitor site right from your browser with one click and includes tips on how to fix the issues it reveals.

Awesome tool. Thanks again. Let me know what you think after you have a chance to try it out. And yup, WooRank is nice because it gives you the most important info and tips to fix things. Along with this single tool you can perform multiple tasks like On-Page audit, Keywords audit, website crawling etc. Hope you will like it too. Thanks Philip. Hi Brian, this is an awesome collection and great gathering of SEO Tools to consider which could suite ones best.

Thanx, man. Best, Ralf. Hey Brian, Awesome review of these tools. Plenty of new tools too. I will be checking these out.

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Obviously lots of effort on your part. Holey kamoley, Brian. You are a machine! Many thanks for this. No problem, Colin. This is another comment just to compliment your work Brian, very good article y , just wanted to tell that I really appreciate your work on this. Keep on. Hi Brian — great list of tools — lots of new ones to try out — thanks for compiling Nikki. Yup, there are more SEO tools out there than I thought.

And some gems too. Thanks Brian for this content. Thanks a lot! No problem, Muhammad. It is a cool tool that i am using instead of ahrefs. It is pretty accurate and easy to use. On the other hand ahrefs is a powerful tool, however it is a lot expensive and the free version has so little features. Hey Pedro, the tool is actually listed here as Open Link Profiler. Have you checked out serpstat. Thank you for your work Brian! Really a great list with a lot of new tools.


Sincerely Peter. Hey Brain! I have one idea backlinko having good visitors and enormous readers why not backlinko will turn to next level. It mean we want to see backlinko as like Forbes. Anyway, you never tried fcsnetworker or ultimatedemon tools? Thanks Sagbee. This post was definitely a team effort. Thank you so much for your efforts.

Keep sharing. Hey Alexa, glad to hear that you enjoyed the list. Hi Brian! Thanks for your list, very important tools. I often use it. Hey Aleksandr. Great suggestion. Testing it out now. Lots of good free tools on the list, but most of the best are paid. Thanks Alan. Hopefully the filters make zeroing-in on certain tools a bit easier. Thanks Brian for consolidating these helpful tools at one place. I immediately landed when I saw the title of the post in Growthhackers.

Thanks Nirmala. Let me know of if you really like any of the new tools you found from this guide. I LOVE the Microdata Generator tool you shared, I have never seen that one before, and have been looking for something similar for quite some time. I wonder how much will it take spanish bloggers to translate this post and make it seem as if it was their great, original idea…. Does that happen a lot, Brandon? Interesting Brandon. Well good thing your English is really good. Hi Brian, great list! I could provide you with a demo if you wish. That tool is called Source Hunter. Great list Brian.

Pitchbox is the one which i personally like for outreaching prospective bloggers in a particular niche. Thanks for sharing the list. I will look forward to trying and testing each of them. I get about 5 to 10 emails from interesting blogs, like yours. You have great headings, so I open them. How do you organize your inbox? I had to force myself to stop reading. YesWare is a good alternative to Buzzstream. Torn between the two. Thanks Sam. Yup, I saw that announcement form BuzzStream.

Good stuff. I prefer Buzzstream because it also helps you find contact info too. Great list man! You have explained all the tools very well. Many of the tools in your post are new for me but I will surely use those. Brian, Fantastic piece with loads of value for every level of seo. I just mentioned you in a new post about creating value to people through lists like this and here you go again delivering above and beyond! Thanks Buckley. I put a lot of work into these posts so its always nice to read feedback like yours. There is a very cool alternative to GTmetrix.

Many recommendations are very excplicit. Fail Brian — it is necessary to rewrite the report! Hello, Brian! I would like to recommend it to include into your list of tools. Let me know. Hey Brian, awesome job again on this article! I simply love all the SEO tips you give us.

Thanks again for another great post. I would mention Rankscanner. Just wanna let you know. Hey Micky, thanks I appreciate that. I was just writing my list of tools to help small business understand SEO a little better and give them some tools to check some things themselves. I thought I would check my email for some inspiration. OMG this list is absolutely ridiculously amazing and a perfect example of your skyscraper technique. That filtering tool is something I also think people will use more often. It makes massive lists much easier to sift through and get value from.

I LOVE what I do for a living vacation rentals but this industry is changing so fast I had to put my nose to the grindstone quickly and educate myself! Brian, your blogs and information on your site is worth a college education to me. I am SO thankful for all that you put out there! Shared everywhere. Now to roll up my SEO sleeves and get busy! This old gal has work to do! Keep me posted on how things go for you.

Thanks Matt. In the meantime please clear your cache, refresh and give it another go. Hi Brian, when I click any of them all the buttons go orange and all the tools are shown below. Have cleared cache but same thing happening. Thanks Dan. You can unselect any of the buttons. Really great post here. Terrific work. I just found a goldmine of information with lots and lots of diamonds which will transform my internet marketing. Thanks for the sort options.

Your tips on how to use them were spot on. Would love an epic post on using both of those tools. I keep searching for how to use Google Analytics and have yet to find anything useful… except your few tips. You could do really well with SEO even if you never checked them. Awesome job, Brian! Congratulations for it. Thumbs up, this makes my job much easier.

This guide took a ton of effort to put together. I am a new blogger and I do not have any to add.

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the lists above which is a great help for us starting bloggers. How fast do your fingers run? Man, you never go short of good, oh wait, the best contents regarding SEO. Loved every bit of it and read like three times too, lol. But most of the time spent for this guide was in-depth research. It was really buggy and slow for me. Hey Daniel, its a plugin we developed in-house. Great list of tools. Better than majestic I could say. I am using alexa to check the traffic of a site where I want to create a backlink, but those penalty tools are really helpful because you can see the estimated traffic a site has.

Super awesome list with a ton of great resources. I will be definitely sharing this one. You always provide great value and I am sure you will continue to do so.

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  • Incredibly comprehensive list. A pad with an R-Value of 3. I personally consider deeper shoulder season to be when it dips to around 15F. Late September or early October in the Colorado high country usually. I make do with a Z-Lite, but something with a better R-Value is preferred by many. A less expensive solution? Combine it with a thinner and light foam pad to up the R-Value.

    A cheap way to increase the versatility of your sleeping pad system. I prefer this system to one big, and puncture prone, sleeping pad. More and more people are using their mobile devices as part of their backpacking toolkit. Smart devices take decent to very good photos , are useful for navigation and have many field appropriate apps.

    Great post! Your advice fits me pretty closely. A pack is always Too Heavy. I love your musings. Keep it coming. You help so many of us!!! I just wanted to say I effing love you man. Your blog has been my go to source of info as I begin my backpacking journey. I love how straight forward you give information and I also have a good laugh at some of the photos.

    Anyway it has been a great help to me, so from a fellow Coloradoan, Cheers! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Subscribe without commenting E-Mail:. Subscribe to PMags. Skip to content. Header Toggle. Free stock photo.

    Historic drawing. Activities such as: likes, comments and shares on Facebook, retweeting, favoriting and responding on Twitter or giving thumbs up or thumbs down and commenting on YouTube are reactions to the communication that are also potentially visible to friends of a user. In other words, they have viral potential. Meanwhile, Facebook and Twitter define engagement broadly, also taking into account clicks in posts and links within them , which means that the numbers of engaged users are growing quickly.

    While measuring the engagement, usually we give out the number of people and a particular relative index — engagement rate or percent of engaged users. In Sotrender we also dared to differentiate various kinds of engagement. We based them on frequency and visibility. It often happens that users are more engaged by funny or emotion-provoking messages which sometimes are hard to connect with the product in any way. One should not forget that the engagement not always has positive context.

    Sometimes comments and responses may be critical, and a big number of shares may also have an ironic undertone. Why engagement is significant for the communication? In other words, thanks to more engaging communication one can save money that would have to be spent to reach that many users through advertisements. It can be also argued that the viral reach is more valuable. We tend to pay more attention and place more trust in what we find out through our friends or authorities, than from the brand itself.

    Trying to understand the indexes of reach and engagement better, one should proceed to the analysis of particular messages. It is easy to analyze the formal aspect, which is the type of message photos, videos, links, posts with text only and its length, as well as character of content, which involves use of some particular words and signs. The more interesting, but also more complicated are the analyses concerning the effects of different types of posts: product, contest, emotional ones etc. In order to study them it is important to define own, important categories and attribute them to posts.

    It can be done for example by tagging in Sotrender. Checking out which kinds of posts are having the best viral or organic results may be crucial for your strategy and tactics of communication. A possibility of defining precisely whom we reach and engage is one of the biggest advantages of marketing in social media. Two perspectives are taken into account when analyzing the recipients of communication.

    It often happens that money is being spent on tries to reach sociodemographic groups which are not engaged in communication in any way.

    I Had to Take My Dirty Panties to a Rabbi, and So Has Every Orthodox Jewish Woman

    The second perspective is searching for particular people that are influential, active, or in a well-established relationship with the brand.