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During the white march held in honor of Mireille Knoll, however, a number of imams were present, imams who are aware that Muslim anti-Semitism is the greatest threat facing twenty-first century Islam and the world of peace and freedom in which they have chosen to live.

For the most part, these religious leaders are under police protection, which says a lot about the reign of terror imposed by Islamists on all French Muslims.

Transatlantic Anti-Catholicism

We therefore ask that the verses of the Quran calling for the killing and punishment of Jews, Christians, and unbelievers be rendered obsolete by theological authorities, much like Biblical inconsistencies and Catholic anti-Semitism were abolished by Vatican II. No believer should be able to rely on a sacred text to commit a crime.

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We hope that Islam in France will lead the way. We demand that the fight against the democratic failure of anti-Semitism be taken up as a national cause before it is too late. Before France is no longer France. The translation and reproduction of this text is presented here with written permission from the original authors, Annie Benveniste and Annie Cyngiser.

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The original is found here. Their supposed antiracist stance, of which the fight against anti-Semitism is part, can therefore be quite easily refashioned to suit their varying needs. Additionally, it holds hostage those of us Jews who feel like they are constantly blackmailed with the threat—unfortunately real nowadays—of anti-Semitic violence as soon as they distance themselves in any way from the policies of a state that is not theirs.

Nor should we forget that this same French Republic was quite deaf to the calls issued by social workers, both secular and Muslim but why do we persist in defining some citizens according to their religious affiliations? This same Republic was equally deaf when anthropologists and sociologists published studies on the rise of religious movements being used as socio-educational bulwarks, patching the holes created by drastic public service cuts in a number of impoverished areas gradually abandoned by the State. Despite the desire professed at the outset by many of its signatories, the vast web of conflations and falsehoods contained in this manifesto make it a veritable incitement to racial and even anti-Semitic hatred.

In the past ten years, several Jews have been murdered in France because they were Jewish! Anti-Semitic hate speech is out in the open again, crossing a red line. The letter rightfully underscores the harmful role played by Islamic fundamentalists and their ideological networks, which share the anti-Semitic obsessions of the far right and some of the radical left. It would be unthinkable to downplay this reality.

However, it overlooks the other impetus behind this resurgence of anti-Semitism: the rise of national populist movements. Even worse, by framing this as a rebuke of a Muslim community imagined as monolithic, by reducing it to a demand to modify the Quran, it feeds into the fantasy of an ummah with a radical Islamic agenda. Anti-Semitic prejudice is on the rise all over Europe, and cuts across all social classes and faiths according to recent studies. Still very much alive on the far right, anti-Semitism has masqueraded since the s as a radical strain of anti-Zionism that echoes age-old stereotypes of secret Jewish influence, notably by spreading the falsehood that there is an ban on criticism of Israeli policies in French society.


Anti-Semitism in radical Islam is fueled by both prejudice tied to conspiracy theories— the success of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the Arab world is well known—and a perversion of the Palestinian cause. Takfiristic Jihadism is a vehicle for hatred in all its forms, and calls for killing members of many groups: Jews, homosexuals, women, unbelievers, and religious minorities, not to mention Muslims themselves.

The French Republic must assert its unflagging determination to silence and punish not only hate-mongers, but all forms of militancy calling for murderous hatred. For the fact that our fellow Muslim citizens are susceptible to radical Islamic ideologies is real, and must be combatted for what it is: a clear and present danger to Jews, to France and to democracy. Anti-Semitism must be denounced in its totality. If we focus our attention exclusively on the anti-Semitism of Islamic radicals, we implicitly exculpate other political groups that promote anti-Semitism.

And because of this exculpation we cannot fully combat it. But here again, an important detail is missing from the piece in Le Parisien. Additional research by Andrew Sanders and editing by Sarah Barth. Scorecard Snapshot Scorecard U.

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Close Survey Responses. Political 1 Security 1 Economic 1 Germany France U. September 12 The European Parliament voted to censure Hungary for threats to democracy and rule of law and begin the Article 7 sanctions procedure, which could ultimately strip Budapest of EU voting rights. September 12 President Trump signed an executive order establishing a framework for imposing sanctions on foreign individuals over interference in U.

September 27 The Italian coalition government unveiled its first budget, which set a deficit target of 2. With opponents boycotting the vote, the measure saw 91 percent in favor on a turnout of just 37 percent, and both supporters and opponents claimed victory. October 3 President Putin signed into law an unpopular bill which will raise the retirement age in Russia by five years.

October 4 The United States indicted seven Russian military intelligence officers for allegedly hacking into a number of international organizations, including FIFA, anti-doping agencies, and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

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October 7 Bulgarian TV journalist Viktoria Marinova was found raped and murdered in Ruse, a week after hosting a broadcast on alleged fraud related to EU funds. Marinova was the third journalist killed in the EU in less than a year. October 9 U. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley announced she will step down at the end of the year. October 12 Andrew Brunson, an American pastor, was freed from house arrest in Turkey and left the country.

The big winners were the Greens, who finished second with October 17 U. Pompeo stated that the Saudis had promised accountability and stressed that the U. Signed in , the treaty was a Cold War success story that resulted in the destruction of 1, missiles by the Soviet Union and missiles by the United States.

November 6 In U. But through it all, there was a demand for the translations of the English-language novels still left on the shelves.

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  6. Agents also tracked down pre-war contracts after the disruptions of the war, verifying and renewing terms. Besides protecting U. They clarified the differences in publishing contracts, regarding volume and serial rights, for instance, or followed up publishers on providing sales statements. Moreover, in the period between and , monetary transfers and international transactions were made difficult in France by recurrent devaluations and the control of exchanges. Cottenet highlights the role of agents as brokers and fiduciaries, signaling new devaluations and sometimes correcting the specified exchange rates, handling the money transfers or opening special accounts for their clients.